Recommended sites for further information on bursitis and tendinitis


National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS)
Information Clearinghouse
National Institutes of Health
1 AMS Circle
Bethesda, MD 20892-3675
Fax: 301-718-6366

The NIAMS provides information about various forms of arthritis and rheumatic diseases and bone, muscle, and skin diseases. It distributes patient and professional education materials and refers people to other sources of information. Additional information and updates can also be found on the NIAMS Web site (


American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

P.O. Box 2058
Des Plaines, IL 60017
Toll Free: 800-824-BONE

The academy provides education and practice management services for orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals. The academy is committed to increasing the public’s awareness of musculoskeletal conditions, with an emphasis on preventive measures. Its public service advertising programs address such issues as the prevention of injuries, bone health, hip fractures, back pain, and the importance of musculoskeletal research. It also maintains a patient education Web site, Your Orthopaedic Connection, which contains nearly 400 articles on a variety of musculoskeletal conditions (


American College of Rheumatology (ACR)

1800 Century Place, Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30345-4300
Phone: 404-633-3777
Fax: 404-633-1870

This national professional organization can provide referrals to rheumatologists and allied health specialists, such as physical therapists. One-page fact sheets are also available on various forms of arthritis.

 American Physical Therapy Association

1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1488
Phone: 703–684–2782

Toll Free: 800–999–2782

Website: This national professional organization represents physical therapists, allied personnel, and students. Its objectives are to improve physical therapy practice, research, and education. The association provides a searchable database of physical therapists on its Web site. A catalog of consumer awareness publications can also be found there. Single copies of brochures are available by calling the 800 number above.

Arthritis Foundation

P.O. Box 7669
Atlanta, GA 30357-0669
Phone: 404-872-7100 
Toll Free: 800-283-7800

This voluntary organization supports research on arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. The foundation publishes pamphlets on arthritis, such as “Arthritis Answers,” that may be obtained by calling the toll-free telephone number. The foundation also can provide physician and clinic referrals. Local chapters also provide information and organize exercise programs for people who have arthritis.

American College of Sports Medicine. Exercise and Shoulder Pain