Prevention of Bursitis and Tendinitis

Can Bursitis and Tendinitis Be Prevented?

To help prevent inflammation or reduce the severity of its recurrence:

  • Warm up or stretch before physical activity.
  • Take breaks from repetitive tasks often.
  • Cushion the affected joint. Use foam for kneeling or elbow pads. Increase the gripping surface of tools with gloves or padding. Apply grip tape or an oversized grip to golf clubs.
  • Use two hands to hold heavy tools; use a two-handed backhand in tennis.
  • Don’t sit still for long periods.
  • Practice good posture and position the body properly when going about daily activities.
  • Begin new activities or exercise regimens slowly. Gradually increase physical demands following several well-tolerated exercise sessions.
  • If a history of tendonitis is present, consider seeking guidance from your doctor or therapist before engaging in new exercises and activities.

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What I have learnt as a sufferer of both Bursitis and Tendinitis OR

all the things you hear but don't think relate to you because you are invincible!

Most cases of my tendonitis/bursitis were caused by overuse so the the best treatment is prevention. So what situations or movements caused the problem?

  • Poor posture
  • Poor core strength (stomach area)
  • Poor technique in a sport or work related movement e.g not sitting correctly at the computer, not warming up before walking or exercise.

If you need help with these body related issues your medical doctor can refer you to a physiotherapist. Don't delay as you can get relief.

Apply these basic rules when doing activities:

  • Begin slowly and gradually build up your activity level
  • Think about your posture
  • Use limited force in movements
  • Try to limit repetitionsof any specific activity - change and do something else even for 10 minutes and then come back to it
  • Stop if pain occurs

The best treatment I have found when you do have Bursitis/Tendinitis has been recommended to me by a Physiotherapist.